Effective Tips to Choose the Right Hair Extension Length

Choosing the right hair extension length can make a big difference in the looks and can help in improving self-esteem. Since there are various lengths to choose from, it may be difficult to make the right decision. One should view details before making a decision. This article explains special factors that can help to choose the proper length of hair extensions.

Consider Natural Hair Length

Evaluating the natural hair length is one of the first essential things to consider when selecting the hair extension length. The extensions used should not be distinguishable from the natural hair to minimize any form of transition. For those who have short hair, it is recommended to use extensions that are not very long because in this case, the difference looks rather striking. It is advisable to choose extensions that do not make the hair any longer than 6-8 inches from the current length.

Evaluate Lifestyle and Maintenance

However, when deciding on the time of extension, one should take into account his or her lifestyle and the amount of care the hair requires. Longer extensions tend to take more time to style, wash, and even detangle as compared to shorter ones. They may also be easily tangled and damaged when not maintained well. Thus, if a person has a tight schedule or is unable to spend much time on hair care, they might prefer shorter extensions.

Face shape and Body type

The face shape and body type are the main factors that define the best length of the extension for the woman. For round-faced people, hair extensions that are below the shoulder length are ideal as they add length to the face thus balancing the face. Body type is another important factor. Extremely long extensions can be cumbersome for petite individuals while the same length will not be a problem for tall people. This means that choosing a length that will go well with the rest of the body is the best way to go because it will give a perfect balance.

Consult a Professional Stylist

It is always helpful to get suggestions from a professional stylist since they will be able to give information and tips that will be helpful for the individual. Professionals in styling can determine the compatibility of hair, its texture, and the appropriateness of the extensions based on length. They can also advise clients on how best to maintain extensions and how to make them look as natural as possible.

Test Different Lengths

Last but not least, it is always good to test various lengths of the extension to arrive at a final decision. Some salons provide temporary extensions or clip-in services which enable the client to try out different lengths without having to go for a permanent style. It is easier to make a confident decision when one can physically manipulate the product and feel and look at the difference in lengths.


Hence, selecting the right hair extension length is a combination of an individual’s desire, needs, and the advice of a hairstylist. Thus, it can be concluded that it is easy to choose extensions if one knows the length of natural hair, face shape, body type, and lifestyle. This means that one should take time to experiment with various lengths and consult a stylist for a great and fulfilling experience.



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